The 2019 Invitational

Gross Champions: Dwight / Van Houten
Gross Results

Traditional Champions: Annett / Annett
Traditional Results

  • Schedule & Player Information
    • Two Events in One – The 1901 will once again feature two events being hosted concurrently; The Traditional Event and The Gross Championship.

      Traditional Championship
      72 Teams play Better Ball Stroke play qualifying July 31
      32 Teams qualify for Championship Flight – Match Play
      40 other Teams paired into 8-Team Brackets – Match Play
      Better Ball Match Play begins August 1 for all teams

      Eligibility - Potential players for the Traditional event must be Members of a Private Club, and have a Handicap Index of 14.7 or lower (using Low Index as of July 15th). There will be an 8 Shot max differential between partners, with the higher handicap playing down as necessary. Partners do NOT have to be from the same Club.

      Gross Championship
      24 Teams play four rounds of stroke play at Scratch
      Round 1 – Better Ball
      Round 2 – Scotch Ball
      Round 3 – Chapman
      Round 4 – Better Ball


      ALL: Traditional Qualifying Event, Teams play 18-Hole (Better Ball)
      Gross Championship Teams- Better Ball
      Tee Times off the 1st & 10th Tee - Start at 7:00am
      Championship Flight Playoff - 5:45pm
      Stag Cocktail Party - 5:30pm
      Stag Dinner & Pairings directly after playoff

      ALL: Traditional Event Teams play Round 1 Matches
      Gross Championship Teams - Scotch Ball
      Tee Times off the 1st & 10th Tee - Start at 7:00am

      Championship & Santa Ana Flights - 36-Holes - Round 2 & Quarter Finals
      All other Flights play Semi-Final 18-Hole Match
      Gross Championship - Chapman
      Tee Times off the 1st Tee Start at 7:00am

      Championship & Santa Ana Flights - 36-Holes - Semi-Final & Final
      All other Flights play Final 18-Hole Match
      Optional: Scotch Ball event for all Teams OUT of Match Play
      Gross Championship - Better Ball
      Tee Times off the 1st Tee Start at 7:00am
      Santa Ana’s 1901 Summer Bash begins directly after the winners finish
      Awards on the Event Lawn during the BASH – Starting approximately 5:30pm


      Welcome to Santa Ana Country Club and the NEW 1901 Invitational. The following information is provided to make your visit with us as enjoyable as possible.

      REGISTRATION & HOSPITALITY: Upon arrival, please check in at the Club entrance. Your bags will be tagged and your Tee Prize issued. Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Guests of contestants are welcome but will be requested to sign to your club. Breakfast is from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Lunch will be located on the Event Lawn to the putting green.

      LOCKER ROOM: You will be issued a locker for your use during the Invitational.  The Locker Room staff will gladly help you with anything you may need or to answer any questions you may have. Please do not change shoes in parking lot.

      PRACTICE RANGE: Our Practice Range is double ended... Shuttle service will be provided to and from the Training Tee at the far end of the facility.

      FORMAT: All teams will participate in an 18-hole Better Ball of Partners qualifying round. The teams with the lowest qualifying scores will be placed in match play flights. The match play rounds will begin on Friday.  Teams making it to the Championship Flight will play 36 Holes on Saturday and Sunday, should they continue winning. Teams participating in the Gross Division will be playing 72 Holes of Stroke Play, with one round played each day, Thursday through Sunday.

      HANDICAPS: Player handicaps are determined based upon the lowest index for the period ending July 15th with a maximum of 16. The slope of the tournament course is 127.

      TIME OF STARTING: All teams are asked to check-in at their assigned tee 5 to 7 minutes prior to starting time as the Starter will have information for the players. The note under USGA Rule 6-3 will be in effect.

      LOCAL RULES: Will be posted in the Locker Room and at the Starters Table.

      GOLF CARTS: Golf Carts will be required for all Tournament rounds in the Invitational. Teams using caddies may have the caddy drive the cart. NOTE: All Caddies must be declared on the 1st Tee in order to be able to Caddy during the Invitational

      CONTESTANTS DINNER: The Contestants’ Dinner will be on Thursday evening beginning at 6:00 p.m., and will be served during and after the playoff. The Contestants’ Dinner is for Invitational contestants only. Dress is golf attire.

      MATCH PLAY STARTING TIMES: Starting times for all flights should be available after 7:30 p.m. Thursday, depending on the length of the playoff. The staff will be sending tee times out via email. Tee times may be also be obtained be either calling the club office at (714) 556-3000 or via Golf Genius (a link will be provided).

      CELL PHONES: The use of cell phones is permitted only in the parking lot. Cell phones may not be used in the Men’s Card Room, any dining room and outside the Clubhouse. Cell phones can be used for e-mail and texting purposes, other than during play where such use is prohibited.

      CANCELLATIONS: If you find it necessary to cancel, please call the Golf Shop at (714) 545-7260.

      AWARDS CEREMONY: The award presentations for the Championship flight, Santa Ana flight, and Gross flight winners as well as Low Net, Low Gross winners will be held during the beginning of the 1901 Bash.


      RULES OF PLAY: Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and the Local Rules established by the Invitational Committee. The Local Rules will be posted in the Men’s Locker Room and available at the Starter’s Table.

      DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES AND CELL PHONES: Distance Measuring Devices (without the capability of measuring slope, wind, etc.) are permitted. Likewise, cell phones that calculate distance, but not slope or wind, may be used for that purpose only. Otherwise, cell phone usage is not permitted during a stipulated round. This includes checking voice mail messages, e-mail or text message.

      PLAYOFF: In the event of a tie for the last qualifying place in the Championship Flight, there will be a playoff which will commence at approximately 5:30pm on Wednesday. The teams participating in the Net playoff will play the 4th & 3rd holes, in that order, as necessary, and the Gross playoff will begin on Hole #1.

      CLUBS AND BALLS: Must be on the current USGA conforming list. The 14 Club Rule is in effect. The one ball rule is NOT in effect.

      DRESS CODE: Players and caddies must be properly attired in collared golf shirts, slacks or shorts, and “soft spikes” shoes. Collarless shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, denims or jeans are not permitted at any time. Billed hats and visors are to be worn forward at all times. Shirts must be tucked in.

      PACE OF PLAY: Pace of play is a major focus for the 1901 Invitational, so the Tournament Committee uses the pace of play policy adopted by the USGA for all its National Amateur Championships. The 4th, 9th, 13th and 18th holes are designated as checkpoints. Each group will be required to complete the designated holes in an allotted time. Contestants will be notified if they are in violation of the time-related checkpoints and will be requested to speed up play. Pace of Play checkpoint times will be provided for you on the inside of your cart sign for your reference throughout play. Contestants are requested not to stop for lunch during their rounds. Lunch will be available before or after completion of rounds.

      SCORECARDS: Signed and attested scorecards must be turned in after the completion of the Qualifying Round to the Scoring Area near the Scoreboard. During Match Play, results need to be reported to the Scoring Area near the practice putting green as soon possible.

      SUSPENSION OF PLAY: The signal for suspension of play due to a dangerous situation will be a prolonged air horn.

      CLOSE OF COMPETITION: The competition is deemed to have closed when the results have been officially announced or in a stroke play qualifying followed by match play when a player has teed off in his first match.

      Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Golf Professional Staff at (714)545-7260 or [email protected]

      We look forward to hosting you for the 1901 Santa Ana Invitational!!

      The Invitational Committee

  • Past Invitational Champions
    • 2019 Colby Annett, SACC
      Brandon Annett, Royal Oaks
      2018 Brad Neglia, SACC
      Luis Yeager, SACC


      Jeff Burum, Red Hill

      Donald Emas, Red Hill


      Mark Reed, Alta Vista

      John Alderson, Alta Vista 


      John Passanisi, Old Ranch C.C.

      Ted Pollard, Old Ranch C.C.


      Chip Harris, S.A.C.C.

      Bob Hatfield, S.A.C.C.


      Kerry Smith, S.A.C.C.

      Brady Beauchamp, S.A.C.C.


      Dan DeMille, S.A.C.C.

      Gabe Loya, S.A.C.C.


      Greg West, S.A.C.C.

      Mike Evans, S.A.C.C.


      John Gilchrist, S.A.C.C.

      Dave Bock, S.A.C.C.


      Tom Britton, S.A.C.C.

      John Abraham, S.A.C.C.


      David Harabedian, California C.C.

      James Sullivan, California C.C.


      Reed McMakin, Shady Canyon C.C.

      Patrick George, Dove Canyon C.C.


      Gary Ryness, Diablo C.C.

      Roy Humphreys, Desert Mountain C.C.


      Dusty Elford, Beach Grove G.C.

      William Pettigrew, Marine Drive G.C.


      Greg Maniaci, Friendly Hill C.C.

      John Tilley, Friendly Hill C.C.


      Dick Pickup, Big Canyon C.C.

      Todd Pickup, Big Canyon C.C.


      Pat Pavilan, Arrowhead C.C.

      Jerome Hedding, Arrowhead C.C.


      John Abraham, S.A.C.C.

      Jerry Ruoff, S.A.C.C


      Chuck Carry, Mesa Verde C.C.

      Tom Ponton, Hacienda C.C.


      Chris Massey, S.A.C.C.

      Ron Chamberlin, SeaCliff C.C.


      Pat Pavilan, Arrowhead C.C.

      Jerome Hedding, Arrowhead C.C.


      Bruce Knox, S.A.C.C.

      William Borden, Victoria C.C.


      Lee Metzger, Tustin Ranch G.C.

      Alan Alford, Green River G.C.


      Pat Pavilan, Arrowhead C.C.

      Jerome Hedding, Arrowhead C.C.


      John Abraham, S.A.C.C.

      Cecil Wright, S.A.C.C


      Wayne Stewart, Big Canyon C.C.

      Terry Steward, Mesa Verde C.C.


      Tim Torre, S.A.C.C.

      John Clark, Big Canyon C.C.


      John Blackburn, S.A.C.C.

      Pat Kendall, La Quinta C.C.


      Chris Massey, S.A.C.C.

      Graden Carlson, Yorba Linda C.C.


      Don Kennedy, S.A.C.C.

      Parker Kennedy, S.A.C.C


      Ernest Ainslie, S.A.C.C.

      Mike Mann, Mesa Verde C.C.


      Ernest Ainslie, S.A.C.C.

      Mike Mann, Mesa Verde C.C.


      Dave Quisling, Big Canyon C.C.

      Jim Gianulius, Big Canyon C.C.


      Phil Pickup, Vintage

      Neil Evans, Alta Vista C.C.


      Phil Cutting, Annandale C.C.

      Dick Woods, Irvine C.C.


      Al Ryness, S.A.C.C.

      Gary Ryness, Castle Wood C.C.


      Earl Crane, Arrowhead C.C.

      Clen Davis, Arrowhead C.C.


      Bill Blanton, S.A.C.C.

      Ed Bero, Birnam Woods C.C.


      Ciaran Kennedy, Hacienda C.C.

      Mike Kennedy, Hacienda C.C.


      Dick Carr, Red Hill C.C.

      Don Scott, Los Coyotes C.C.


      Dick Carr, Red Hill C.C.

      Don Scott, Los Coyotes C.C.


      Jim Gianulias, Big Canyon C.C.

      Dave Quisling, Big Canyon C.C.


      Wayne Carrico, South Hill C.C.

      Ed Elko, S.A.C.C


      Ralph McEachron, Apple Valley C.C.

      Gordon McEachron, Apple Valley C.C.


      Vince Longobardo, Hacienda C.C.

      Art Teixeira, California C.C.


      Don Randall, S.A.C.C.

      Chuck Widener, Apple Valley C.C.


      Jerry Helperin, S.A.C.C.

      Elton Hallet, Irvine C.C.


      Jude Poynter, Indian Wells C.C.

      Bob Limacher, S.A.C.C


      Joe Gary, California C.C.

      Jerry McMahon, Wilshire C.C.


      Jay Hornbeak, S.A.C.C.

      Grant Hornbeak, S.A.C.C


      Don Crowell, Mesa Verde C.C.

      Ray Hefferan, Mesa Verde C.C.


      Newall Fait, S.A.C.C.

      Ted Richards, Bel Air C.C.


      Bill DuBois, Irvine C.C.

      Dr. Harold Godhall, Irvine C.C.


      Steve Fossatti, S.A.C.C.

      Joe Knox, S.A.C.C


      John Curci, Indian Wells C.C.

      Milt Hicks, Indian Wells C.C


      Frank Zingone, Mesa Verde C.C.

      Bill Colbert, Los Coyotes C.C


      Tommy McLean, S.A.C.C.

      Jack Wilder, S.A.C.C


      William Brown, S.A.C.C.

      George Weedon, S.A.C.C


      Dr. Harold Decker, S.A.C.C.

      Robert McIntyre, Tamarisk C.C.


      Gil Cochran, Hacienda C.C.

      Mike Fitzpatrick, Hacienda C.C


      Joe Brophy, S.A.C.C.

      Frank Donalson, Huntington Beach C.C.


      Dr. J.H. Edmiston, Oakmont C.C.

      Dexter Woods, Oakmont C.C.


      Arthur Rasmussen, Whilshire C.C.

      John Robinson, Wilshire C.C.


      Ray Echols, S.A.C.C.

      Lou Clem, S.A.C.C.


      Ray Echols, S.A.C.C.

      Lou Clem, S.A.C.C.


      G.W. Ritchie, S.A.C.C.

      Ferdinand Liotta, San Diego C.C.


      G.W. Ritchie, S.A.C.C.

      Ferdinand Liotta, San Diego C.C.


      Dr. Bud Taylor, Red Hill C.C.

      Bob Allen, Red Hill C.C.